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Alpha Cash Finanz According to the Passion of The Financial Group |

Our theory and philosophy at ALPHA CASH FINANZ is very clear with the Citizens and Residents in the various countries where we have appointed distributors who have a concept that all clients are no ordinary individuals, because of the passion of each country; however, more so, it is because of the people, culture, heritage, pride and much more in the various countries.

And ALPHA CASH and we pride ourselves, as being no ordinary financial institution. It’s the way we do business, not just here at ALPHA CASH, but throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia and Latin America, “said Ms. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova – Deputy Chairman of ALPHA CASH FINANZ FINANCIAL GROUP and Mr. Abi Zahrai – President of the Middle East.

                     Ms. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova

“There’s a spirit here that’s somewhat unusual for a financial group of this small size. We have a lot of forward-thinking people willing to do the things in a legal manner that keep the community moving ahead politically, financially and in every day living. People work together free of discrimination, bigotry and united as a people. That’s given us a solid foundation.”

So, too, forward thinking has ruled the day at the FINANCIAL GROUP from its beginnings more than thirty years ago in Canada and with the identity of ALPHA CASH FINANZ in our third year..

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